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The DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) is a not-for-profit corporation that issues licenses and maintains specifications for the Content Scramble System (CSS). CSS is made available through the cooperative efforts of three industries (consumer electronics, information technology and motion picture). CSS responded to the need to protect copyrighted material from theft with a technology that could be effectively and invisibly deployed in devices like DVD players and personal computers.

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06/02/2014 - Press Release

DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) Issues Statement After Judge Approves Agreement Ending Litigation with Kaleidescape"Upon the June 2, 2014 action by Judge William Monahan of the Santa Clara Coun...
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01/22/2013 - Notice

For your information and planning, the DVD Copy Control Association ("DVD CCA") Board of Directors recently voted to extend the Participating and Content Protection Advisory Council (CPAC) Membership ...
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03/26/2012 - Press Release

Judge William J. Monahan of the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, has denied a request by Kaleidescape for a stay on the permanent injunction he ordered on its DVD movie server....
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DVD CCA is over 10 years old.

CSS Procedural Specifications are downloadable from this website.

CSS is licensed in every continent except for Antarctica.

DVD CCA does not provide CSS licensing on an intermittent or sporadic basis.

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The creation of DVD CCA and CSS in the late 1990's was the final critical step that opened the door to high quality DVD movies and other entertainment being available for consumer enjoyment in the home, car and an ever-growing number of places.

Did You Know...

CSS, the content protection technology used on many DVD titles, does not in any way interfere with a computer's operation. CSS is designed to be completely transparent and non-invasive during normal playback, and does not install any software or file of any kind when played on computers or any other playback device


CSS Managed Recording is an exciting new function enabling commercial audiovisual content to be recorded on special recordable DVD media using CSS. Consumer electronic sell-through applications, by which consumers may download content and record onto the new recordable media through an authorized online digital distribution system, are likely to follow.